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Junior WordPress/WooCommerce Engineer

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  • 6 months ago

We are looking for an intern to join our team during the summer vacation for an 8 week paid internship, beginning 26 June 2017. We’d like a minimum commitment of 8 weeks, but if you are available for 3 months we definitely have enough work to keep you busy. These internships are offered with an employment track in mind – there is the potential to lead into flexible, part time work during the rest of your studies and full time work once you graduate.

During the internship you will learn about and work directly on bugs, issues, and tests, actively contributing code that will be shipped live into our extensions and installed on thousands of eCommerce stores. You will also shadow and contribute to support, which is a key part of the business and the industry. As this is an engineering internship (not a “make our coffee” internship!), you will be buddied with and mentored by more senior developers. All your work will go through our code review, providing built in feedback for all your contributions, which will advance your technical skills significantly during your time with us.

About you

You are a kind hearted and good natured person, who is comfortable with self-directed work yet also happy to do that work as part of a team. If you are an extrovert, you will need to at least understand and have empathy for introverts, which make up the majority of the team.

Ideally, you would be in your second last or last year of a computer science (or equivalent) degree. Experience with Git, GitHub, PHP, MySQL, WordPress and ideally, WooCommerce will help you thrive in the position. But, if you have experience with C++, Java or other object oriented programming languages, we can help you learn the necessary skills. Fluency in two or more human languages (one of those being English), is also a highly desirable trait as our customers are located all over the world.

You have a positive mindset, and take pride in your work as you are committed to consistently doing the best job you can possible. You seek out opportunities for self-improvement as a path to personal and professional development.

You are also comfortable with bad puns or at least with people who attempt to use them 😉

About us

Prospress (pronounced “prosperous”) is a small but friendly bunch that loves eCommerce. We love building software that gives entrepreneurs the tools and freedom to do what they love!

We think WooCommerce is the best thing to happen to the web since WordPress and are dedicated to strengthening the WooCommerce ecosystem through building software, content, and community on top of WooCommerce.

So far we’ve built WooCommerce Subscriptions, the largest and most popular commercial plugin in the official WooCommerce extension marketplace, which is used by thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. We also have a few smaller plugins, like One Page Checkout and free, open-source projects like Subscribe to All the Things.

But that’s just the beginning. We have some new products in the works, as well as new versions of Subscriptions, and we’d love you to help us work on these ideas.

Prospress is a distributed company, which means our team is located across the globe, and everyone can work from home in their pyjamas if they wish (in our view, this is definitely one of the perks of the job). We don’t mind where you live, because we’re a distributed company. HQ (and we use that term loosely) is in San Francisco, but we have people located across the US, as well as in Australia, Canada, and Paraguay.

Despite being distributed globally, we have a great work environment online, with weekly video hangouts, chat communication via Slack, and a genuinely caring team. You will be mentored during the internship, and given great opportunities to learn new skills while consolidating existing strengths.

We are professional, but relaxed and apply a very loose agile methodology to our engineering workflow, with biweekly SCRUMs. All software development is managed through GitHub. All patches to our software go through code-review from at least one other team member, which means you’ll get feedback from experienced developers on every piece of work you complete. We expect that during your internship you’ll be able to contribute a number of patches to our software which will then ship to run live on thousands of websites.

If you join us full time after the internship, we offer some pretty neat benefits, including:

  • A sliding leave policy (you start with four weeks and it grows to five weeks after you’ve been with us for five years)
  • Your own Professional Development fund to cover the cost of self-guided learning
  • Stock options, so that our company becomes your company
  • Medical/dental/vision insurance if you’re in the US
  • Fair pay and recognition – salary is negotiable based on experience
  • Autonomy and flexibility