6 months ago

Junior JavaScript Web Developer

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    • arrangodb
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  • 6 months ago

Become part of one of our young and fast project teams.

In this project we build a complex web application that analyses business reports and business documents in order to extract information about the underlying business model. The app enables us to represent business models graphically and connect them with each other. In the last 9 months we’ve built a powerful platform using JavaScript, NodeJS, ArangoDB, D3.JS, and also PHP and WordPress.

Starting this April/May the team will built extensions to extract texts and analyze the mentioned documents. Our customer is a huge consulting company.

The team currently consists of 4 developers that work basically fullstack and should be extended by a Werkstudent or young Freelancer with 20h/week. If you know how to write good and modular JavaScript code – great. If you are interested in Natural Language Processing stuff and/or have some experience in that area – even better. Each developer works basically fullstack on his own features and uses biweekly Scrum. There having a good understanding of the product after our first interview is important.

After this project (it will be until the end of the year) you have the chance to either go for a fulltime position with us and/or learn/concentrate on new stacks like ReactJS, ReactNative, or AngularJS.

Skills and requirements

  • Solid JavaScript experience (minimum 6 months)
  • In general web development experience (also possible on other stacks than JS)
  • Very good software engineering skills
  • Motiviation and possible experience in NLP topics
  • High personal responsibility and motivation to develop a complex product in a young and agile team
  • Very good communication skills in English. German skills are advantageous in order to communicate with the customer in a better way
  • If you want to work remotely: minimum 1 year of remote work experience and a reference to a former customer/employer
  • And, obviously: knowing how to work in an agile enviroment (SCRUM) and how to use Git and all these kind of things…