5 months ago

Junior JavaScript and Ruby developer

Stream Detroit
  • Remote
  • Full Time
  • Development
    • emberjs
    • javascript
    • rails
    • ruby on rails
  • 5 months ago

We are building our product but still do some project work. Consider us in transition. This is a team of 5 developers. You’ll be the 6th. All of our projects use Ember and Rails along with Node.js and Rails for some micro services. It’s quite an architecture in transition allowing for a lot of learning and experimentation, while still getting things done. Hopefully you’ll be better at “something” than all of us and we can help you fill in the gaps. There is a lot of knowledge sharing, learning and pushing of boundaries. Mistakes are ok, not knowing everything is ok. But you must love the craft. Indifference is not ok.

Skills & requirements

Really it comes down to having JavaScript knowledge as well as some Ruby knowledge, but let’s be real: I’ve seen some C# devs with a lot of passion pickup a framework in a week. I’m really most interested in how fast you can learn new stuff. And I’m interested in what kind of projects you work do on your own time.