4 months ago

Junior Front-End Developer

  • Remote
  • Full Time
  • Development
    • css
    • frontend
    • html
    • javascript
    • umbraco
  • 4 months ago

You will be part of a team responsible for a number of Umbraco websites, including maintenance & support, bug fixing and adding new features. You will also be involved, with the rest of the development team, in the planning and development of new sites, redesigns and overhauls of existing sites.

You will be working remotely as part of a globally distributed team. This takes a high level of motivation and the ability to self manage. You will also be communicating with clients directly. This requires excellent written and verbal English communication skills and the ability to communicate professionally with both technical and non-technical people.

On top of all that every member of our team is encouraged to spend a portion of their on the job time working on projects that have societal value. This might include open source development, charity projects or training and assisting other organisations. You need to be as excited about that prospect as the rest of the team!

What’s in it for you?


You will bring your experience, ideas and energy to the role. There is huge opportunity to further develop not just your technical skills but also your understanding of web development as a whole.


On top of that, a vital part of our purpose is working on projects and with organisations that have real societal impact. This includes working with social enterprises and charities on both commercial and pro-bono projects. You need to be as excited about that prospect as the rest of the team!

Location & Hours

You can work from anywhere – well almost – anywhere within 2 hours of the UK timezone. We are more interested in results than micro-managing which means there is a some flexibility in your exact working hours.

Unlimited holidays

We really mean this, it’s not just a throw-away phrase nor does it mean taking less holidays. The minimum is 28 days annually and, so long as the work gets done, we encourage as much other time away as possible. Permanent staff must take at least one continuous 2 week break per year.


This is a Junior or Mid level role. Competitive salary, depending on experience.


We are an eclectic group and want to work with people who bring enthusiasm and energy, have values they care about and are able to be both professional and fun. If that describes you, then please get in touch!

Skills & requirements


  • are willing to be measured by your output and the value you bring, not the hours you log
  • are keen to take responsibility and use your experience, ideas and energy to drive the project to success
  • are outstanding at communicating both verbally and in written English (and more than tech-speak!)
  • are detail oriented and passionate about quality
  • are constantly looking to learn and improve
  • really, honestly care about quality of your work
  • understand how important good, disciplined process is; in software development as well as communication and project management


You need to:

  • be experienced with all aspects front end coding (HTML/CSS and JS frameworks etc)
  • have some experience of Umbraco CMS
  • be comfortable using GIT
  • it is an advantage to have some knowledge of ASP.NET MVC
  • The tools we use matter only because of the results they enable us to deliver. Therefore, the ideal person will bring the correct mindset, ability to learn and adapt along with as wide a range of technical experience as possible.

How to apply

These are some tips you’ll find useful. Our last post attracted over 700 applications so a good application is going to be necessary to make you stand out. If you don’t consider these points, we probably won’t even look at your resume/CV…

  • We value your cover note. We won’t open your CV/resume unless you’re able to convince us of your interest in this specific role.
  • You must apply in English. This will be an example of your fluency in written English so pay attention to details.
  • Applications are filtered by a former English teacher. Just saying.
  • We really believe that at this stage of the recruitment process, it’s your job to convince us that we want to interview you. After the interview it’s our job to convince you to work for us. Simply telling us that you have the required skills and that you’re a good fit is probably not going to cut. Refer to our criteria and tell us why you would be great for this specific role.
  • Female developers are especially encouraged to apply.

We don’t point these things out to discourage you, but to support you in getting past our initial filtering process. We’re really excited to see your amazing application!